Vintage Vehicles

All of our vintage cars (Rolls-Royces and Bentleys) are available to you for a price of $150/hour, plus 20% gratuity and 8% fuel surcharge.  Rates are based on a 2-consecutive hour minimum charge, unless you choose to do a “split package.”  The “split” is useful if you need 2 trips, say from the ceremony to reception, then later from the reception to a hotel.  Providing that the events are local, and there are at least 3 hours in between trips, we will charge $225.00++ per trip instead of the standard $300.00++.
The total all-inclusive price of the 2-hour minimum is $384.00
The total all-inclusive price of the split package is $576.00
*Vehicles are available for typically up to an hour and a half for the first segment usually to allow for photo opportunities and mostly for just an hour for the post reception drive.

Modern Vehicles

For wedding party, general guest and family transportation, we have 13/14-passenger vans, 6 passenger SUVs, 10-passenger 5 door stretch limousines and 2 to 3-passenger luxury sedans.  Each is available to you for a 2-consecutive hour minimum charge, per trip, per vehicle.**The stretch limousines generally have a higher minimum on Friday, Saturday and holiday evenings. 

Standard Rates: Vans, SUVs, Stretch Limousines, Sedans

  • Vans and SUVs: $80/hour++ (2-hour minimum)
  • Brand New 14 Passenger Transit Van: $100/hour ++(2-hour minimum)
  • 10-passenger 5 door Lincoln stretch limousines:$95++ hour  (2-5 hour minimum)
  • Sedans: $60/hour++ (2-hour minimum)
  • Brand new Terra Vans that can hold 12/13. Very high end-leather seating, cd, dvd & communications systems onboard; large tinted picture windows; wood trim throughout. $125/hr (2-hour minimum)

 All vehicles will have 20% gratuity and 8% fuel added to the base rate (fuel is subject to change).

**Local means within our general Seattle area-north to Lynnwood; south to Federal Way/Auburn; east to Redmond. Outside this area, travel time charges will be incurred.